Universal Bunkering can advise on all ports around the world, with particular focus on Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Universal provide sound bunker management geared to optimising cost savings without compromising quality. To achieve this, close relationships are developed and maintained with each client to ensure an understanding of their vessels, trading routes, ports, technical requirements (especially when switching between different grades of fuel & supplies to new buildings) and the client’s overall business strategies.

Some of the other services Universal Bunkering can provide are:

► Fuel Regulations and Requirements
► Risk Management Strategies (Fixed Price, Market to Market, Hedging, etc);

► Vessel routing to achieve best possible bunker outcome (taking into account vessel deviation costs);
► Long Term Bunker Planning and Strategy;
► Development of long term bunker supply contracts;
► In-House Bunker procurement services to select clients;
► Advice on local Customs and Taxation as it applies to bunker supply;
► Bunker Surveys–Quantity and Quality;
► Fuel Monitoring;
► All Fuel and Lubrication requirements including Lubricity and Antifreeze additives;
► Total Bunker Management Service for clients and their vessels.